Our firm offers Employee Benefit / 401(k) plan audit, tax preparation, and consulting services to individual and business clients. Our business focus, dual locations, and experience level enables us to provide our clients with personalized service and a high level of expertise. If your needs go beyond the scope of what we offer, we would be happy to refer you to a qualified professional.

Our firm was founded on the philosophy that specialization is better than generalization. As a result, we focus our resources on the following areas:

  • ERISA / 401(k) plan audits

  • Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Consulting services

The majority of our resources are dedicated to the complex and specialized requirements associated with ERISA / 401(k) plan audits. The complexity is the result of the rules and regulations established by the ERISA Act of 1974 onto which are layered annual modifications by the IRS and Department of Labor. In sum, for 30 years the government has had special requirements for the treatment of the corporate retirement plans and we make it our business to maintain a high level of expertise in this area.


IRS (DOL) Form 5500 preparation requires special knowledge of the ERISA guidelines.  This expertise has been developed over the past year in the preparation of hundreds of 5500.  Additionally, we have significant experience with the Department of Labor’s Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance (DFVC) This program allows Companies who are out of compliance to avoid the assessment of $1,100 per day penalties for non-filing.


It's a fact: over the past several years more and more people are preparing their own taxes with popular tax preparation software programs. While we recognize that many people have had good results with the "do-it-yourself" approach, we have also found that some individuals who prepare their own returns miss deductions or take deductions they were not entitled to. Additionally, over the past few years, President Bush signed into law the most comprehensive tax changes in the past 20 years, most recently affecting charitable contributions. These changes are certain to add confusion to this already complex area. The best way to ensure that you are complying with the provisions of the new tax law while taking advantage of every legitimate deduction possible is to use a professional tax preparer.




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